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I have been a patient of Dr. Larry Johnson for over ten years for different low back and various joint pains. However, last year I started to suffer with pain and tingling in both of my legs and feet that would keep me from sleeping. Dr. Johnson explained to me that I was dealing with neuropathy and he could help to resolve my pain with a new technology called Electric Signal Treatment, using the Sanexas machine. He has used this therapy on several patients with great success. After six treatments, my pain was starting to go away and was finally gone after a few more treatments. I have always relied on Dr. Johnson to help me for any problems I have encountered over the years and I have always recommended him to my family and friends.

- Shirley W.

I travel a lot as a Realtor in Lee County, and also very active with physical activities. On a couple of occasions in the past, my feet would burn and hurt with walking and riding my bike. I was referred to Dr. Johnson by my father who had been a patient for several years. He used an Electric Signal Treatment that eliminated my pain. I have always been very happy with the care I have received and the staff are very knowledgeable, caring and friendly. I would recommend his clinic to anyone suffering with any type of pain.

- Cathy S.

You are not a patient here you are family. The staff is super nice and helpful. I love the non invasive alignment. I have had nerve pain in my right calf forever and mentioned it to Dr. Larry. I am currently undergoing treatment for it and in 4 weeks my pain is completely gone. Would highly recommend this practice. It's not just chiropractic, it's much more.

- Tina D.

What a wonderful place! The office is warm and inviting. The staff is friendly and caring. Dr Johnson is amazing! He has made my pain and numbness go away and I can finally sleep through the night. I highly recommend the Hancock Health Care Group.

- Debra S.

“I just wanted to say thank you for this machine. It's changing my life! I was diagnosed with CRPS after a failed surgery in June 2020 and was left with minimal options and told I would suffer with this the rest of my life. I was defeated, depressed, and giving up hope. After multiple failed attempts with pain management doctors, their last resort was a DRG implant. I searched endlessly for days to find an alternative, natural way to try to relieve my horrible pain and finally found a facility that offers treatments with RST-SANEXAS neoGEN®. I'm 2 weeks in on an 8-week program and my pain has diminished about 60% and the skin discoloration has improved about 40%. I have hope for the first time in a while now. I wish I could tell the world and show them the pictures of the differences that just 2 weeks has shown…I'd be your number one sales gal THANK YOU isn't enough.

-Theresa T.