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The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Written By Hancock Healthcare Group on February 9, 2021

Stem Cell TherapyStem cells are a unique cell type capable of regenerating dying or damaged cells. As you get older, your stem cell reserves decrease, negatively impacting the body’s ability to regenerate damaged tissue. You may need longer to heal from injuries as a result. Stem cell therapy is a type of regenerative medicine that can treat conditions like orthopedic issues, sports injuries, and more.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stem cells used at Hancock Healthcare Group are always harvested from the Umbilical Cord/Whartens Jelly, after a C-Section delivery, only after the mother and newborn have been thoroughly screened for any abnormalities. This biologic product is then sent to an FDA Standard Laboratory to be processed and then sent frozen to the final healthcare provider. These Stem Cells contain NO DNA and are Immune Privileged, which means they will not be rejected by the patient receiving the cells. These cells are then used in a highly concentrated stem cell solution that is injected directly into the designated treatment area.

Once injected, the stem cells spur cell growth, promoting healing.

One use of stem cell therapy is to treat knee pain. Knee pain is often the result of worn-down cartilage, which usually cushions the joint — but dissipates with age. Stem cell injection can repair cartilage, minimizing joint pain and increasing range of motion.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy has other benefits, too. Here are some common medicinal uses:

  • Treat other orthopedic injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including bones, cartilage, tendons, joints, and muscles.
  • Treat cardiovascular disease by stimulating the growth and repair of damaged blood vessels and cardiovascular tissue. Stem cells can even repair damage after a heart attack.
  • Speed the healing of wounds and incisions – for example, after an operation. This allows patients to get back to their everyday lives more quickly and with less pain.
  • Treat neurodegenerative diseases, such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Although still in the research phase, stem cell treatment has already shown success in treating AD in animal models.
  • Help manage auto-immune disorders.

Stem cell therapies are also used for cosmetic purposes, such as hair loss treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy in Cape Coral, Florida

Hancock Healthcare Group offers state-of-the-art stem cell therapy. Our doctors are dedicated to bringing patients cutting-edge treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes. They will be happy to talk to you about regenerative medicine and determine whether it’s an option for you.

Call us at (239) 574-5559 to schedule your consultation.

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