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Hair Loss & Hair Restoration

Written By Hancock Healthcare Group on June 29, 2021

Hair Loss RestorationHair loss is a quite common condition observed in both men and women. Pattern hair loss is the most common form of hair loss that is affects up to 80% of mena dn up to 40% of women by age of 70, and it can have quite devastating consequences on one's well-being, including lower self-esteem, deptression and lower quality of life.

How Hair Loss Occurs?

Hair loss occurs when the scalp stops receiving chemical signals that tell it to grow new hair from existing follicles. Up until now, there haven't been many things physicians could do to stop hair loss on a permanent basis. At least, none that looked natural. Hair plugs made their entrance onto the scene decades ago, but even with modern updates to the process, they often still look unnatural - especially on balding men. The other solution, which is hair restoration products such as Rogaine and others, however, they stop producing results shortly after stopping the process. This means it isn't a long-term solution.

Hair Loss Solutions from Hancock Healthcare Group

There is increasing evidence that stem cells help by re-triggering the growth and reproduction of cells in an area of the body that was formerly too old or damaged to do so on its own. By reintroducing such cells into. the scalp, physicians and aestheticians help clients naturally rediscover their formerly thick, lustrous hair. 

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