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Focused Shockwave Therapy FDA Approved

Written By Hancock Healthcare Group on July 29, 2021

Shockwave Therapy for Joint PainJoint pain affects Americans by the millions with approximately 63 million suffering from arthritic conditions in 2020, according to the CDC. One great method of providing real pain relief and promoting healing is focused shockwave therapy.

At Hancock Healthcare Group in Cape Coral, we utilize the Chattanooga® Focus Shockwave as an excellent alternative to prescription drugs and a way to address the root cause of your joint pain.

How Focused Shockwave Therapy Helps with Joint Pain

Often referred to as acoustic wave therapy, there are actually two types of shockwave therapies: focused and radial. Radial is a gentler version that spreads in a cone to treat larder areas. Focused shockwave therapy delivers precision shockwaves and penetrates deeper, yet without causing any damage.

Both therapies increase cell wall permeability, improve circulation, and aid in pain reduction. Focused shockwave can also stimulate growth factors and promote the release of nitric oxide, a molecule that helps in various ways, including reducing inflammation. It’s also an FDA-approved treatment for plantar fasciitis.

There are no known side effects to this painless, non-invasive treatment that lasts mere minutes. While the therapy gets to work right away at the cellular level, patients notice improvement by the third or fourth session.

Get the Best Shockwave Therapy in Cape Coral

At Hancock Healthcare Group, we’ve helped hundreds of patients find real relief from joint pain with the Chattanooga® Focus Shockwave. It’s been shown to treat deeper conditions such as rotator cuff pains, gluteal muscles/tendons, and deep lying trigger points. 

The 30mm focal zone ensures that the targeted area is treated with precision and accuracy, making it easier to find the painful spots.

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